Perceptions on Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy of selected residents in Imus City, Cavite

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Vaccine Hesitancy, Vaccines, COVID-19, Selected Residents of Imus City, Cavite, Perceptions, Dissemination, Health


Vaccine hesitancy refers to people's unwillingness and reluctance to receive vaccines that were both safe and recommended. This study was aimed to identify the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy of selected residents in Imus City, Cavite. A descriptive research design was used to examine variables of interest. Data were gathered through online surveys using google forms and other online platforms. The study revealed that respondents agreed that vaccine hesitancy was influenced by risk factors related to vaccines, dissemination of information about vaccines, and effectiveness of vaccines. The respondents believed that these factors mentioned were the common determinants that influenced the perceptions of the community in relation to vaccine hesitancy. Moreover, a significant difference was evident among the perceptions of the respondents in relation to age and religion with regards to vaccine hesitancy. This indicated that their perceptions about vaccine hesitancy varied according to the variables stated. The rest of the demographic variables did not manifest significant differences in the respondents' perceptions. The government should intensify their vaccination information campaign to increase the knowledge awareness of the community about the benefits of vaccines.

First Advisor

Pancho E. Ercilla

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