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Research Project

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Grade 12


COVID-19 Pandemic, Philippine Health Insurance, Levels of Knowledge, Benefit Packages, Availment


The Benefit Packages for In-patient Management of Confirmed Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) were implemented in response to Presidential Proclamation No. 929 s.2020 declaring a State of Calamity in the Philippines. The goal of this study is to determine the respondents' level of knowledge regarding the PhilHealth response under the Universal Health Care Act (RA No. 11223). In addition, it aims to determine significant differences in their demographic characteristics, given that a previous study by Querri et al. (2018) did not cover the area of implications on situations like the pandemic. Thus, the result of their study gives limited knowledge on the accessibility of healthcare. The instrument utilized in this study is the Likert Scale to measure how much the respondents agree or disagree in terms of the Benefit Packages and Availment. The results of the study indicate that the overall knowledge of the respondents was deemed sufficient, but not fully proficient. However, the results also showed that the 16-20 years old age group have a significantly different level of knowledge than respondents in the >50 age group, revealing that they are the target population for information dissemination for the Availment of the Benefit Packages. The findings of this study do not merely identify how much do the public know about PhilHealth policies and how to utilize them in their cases, but also provide feedback to the government, specifically the improvements needed for the Philippine Health Insurance information system

First Advisor

Carmelette Cawaling-Davila