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Research Project

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Grade 12


academic stress, attention control, online learning, grade 12 students


Academic stress is one of the most prevalent things in a student's life due to the fact that there are countless variables that go under the said category. While many studies go into academic stress and its factors, there are little to no studies regarding the correlation between academic stress and attention control. The study explored the different stress levels students experience when dealing with several factors involving academic stress. This study examined the relationship between the two main variables in an online learning modality using a quantitative correlational approach. The researchers obtained the data through a questionnaire that included a 4-point Likert rating scale for questions about attention control and a 4-point Likert rating scale for questions about academic stress. Raosoft sample size calculator was used to identify the respondents with a simple random sampling technique to generate the required sample size for the study. It is revealed that an increase in the level of academic stress caused a decrease in the level of attention control. With this, it is also revealed that there is a significant correlation between the level of academic stress and attention control among the grade 12 students in DLSMHSI during AY 2021- 2022.

First Advisor

Rowell Maglalang