Comparison on the predisposing factors affecting the selection of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute as the school of choice among its Senior High School students in AY 2021-2022

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Predisposing Factors, School of Choice, Reputation of the Institution, Career Preference


The decision of Grade 11 and Grade 12 students upon selecting De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute as their school of choice for Senior High School AY 2021-2022 were highly affected by the determining factors in this study. Senior high schools in AY 2021-2022 are the respondents of this study. There are a total of three determining factors and 211 respondents in this research. The first factor is regarding how one’s career preference impacts their decision in selecting DLSMHSI as their school, a majority of the respondents are looking forward to working in the medical field, and the said school caters to fulfilling and providing sufficient knowledge for the said field, it highly affected the respondents’ decision upon selecting the said school. The second factor, the institution’s reputation, wherein the respondents were asked how their perception of the school affects their selection, both grade 11 and grade 12 respondents were highly affected by how the school maintains its name, track record, and overall reputation – how it presents itself. Lastly, the third factor is about how other situations and underlying factors, such as infrastructures, affect the students’ decision – practicality and applicability. This factor focuses on various factors, such as the tuition fee and environment of the said school; findings have shown that this highly affects their selection as well. Hence, similar to what is often assumed, all the aforementioned factors have highly impacted the students’ decision before entering DLSMHSI as their school for senior high school AY 2021-2022.

First Advisor

Dennis Perona

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