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Research Project

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Grade 12


COVID-19 pandemic, BS Medical Laboratory Sciences, student, educator, perception


Pre-medical education during the COVID-19 pandemic has limited learning experiences for aspiring Filipino medical technologists. This study aims to determine and compare student and educator perception relating to online curriculum efficiency, advantages, and challenges encountered in the mentioned course. A mixed-method research design was used to better analyze quantitative and qualitative data on the respondents’ perceived experiences regarding the topic. In this study, a total of 37 3rd year BS Medical Laboratory Sciences participants were included, where 8 were educators and 29 were students. An independent T-test was used to compare the values between these two samples. Upon analysis, discussion of results reveals the importance of practical simulations and student-teacher interaction. It elaborates the changing dynamic in education for the BS Medical Laboratory Sciences course and its current incapability to uphold high learning and teaching potentials to a student and an educator. Moreover, the obtained results emphasize that there is no significant difference between the perception of educators and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Investigating other psychosocial variables is recommended for future scientific endeavors concerning this topic.

First Advisor

Pauline L. Cueno