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Research Project

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Grade 12




Vaccination is one of the most important tools a child can receive in his/her life, and it is the responsibility of their parents. The purpose of this study is to determine parents' knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding vaccines, as these are important factors in their decisions. A total of 118 parents residing in Barangay Sampaloc, Dasmariñas City participated in an online survey. Each questionnaire was composed of 20 Likert Scale questions with a 5-point scale and 10 checklist-type statements. Descriptive analysis was used to interpret the gathered data. The respondents were 74 (62.71%) females and 45 (38.14%) males between 31 to 40 years old. The knowledge findings had an average mean of 4.46 and were interpreted as "strongly agree," whereas the attitude findings toward vaccines had an average mean of 3.59 and were interpreted as "agree." The most common practices resulted in 104 (88.14%) ensuring factual sources, 103 (87.28%) spending time learning, and 100 (84.75%) taking notes of potential side effects of vaccines. "Strongly agree" means well-informed and excellent knowledge, whereas "agree" implies a positive attitude and confidence, but only to a point. As a whole, it was found that most parents have positive knowledge, attitude, and practices towards adherence to vaccines. For future studies, it is recommended that they investigate more about the relationship of KAP with each other and how these variables interact with each other.

First Advisor

Hadiyya Mary Glenn A. Paraiso