Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

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Grade 12


Online learning, Social adjustment


With the rise of advanced technology and added influence of strict quarantine protocols, students underwent drastic changes from participating in face-to-face classes to interacting with one another via an LED screen. Social adjustment in an online learning setting among students and their peers is varied. Thus, this research intendsto understand the impact of social adjustment in this context among the students of the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute – Special Health Sciences Senior High School (DLSMHSI-SHSSHS). Surveying 100 participants regarding their social adjustment, common trends found in the data with a mean of 3.94 presented the lack of interaction and involvement of students with others and the inclination towards getting to know and having fun with one other. The data gathered from this Descriptive type of Quantitative Research shows that online learning has a minor impact to the social adjustment of the Senior High School students as shown in the mean responses of the participants (Mean 3.01- 4.00.) The researchers hope that the findings of this study will prompt further inquiries by policy makers and future researchers on the =social adjustment of students while participating on online learning and relevant topics.

First Advisor

Nancy L. Deluta