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Research Project

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Grade 12


Distance learning


Distance learning is described as lessons that are being taught to the students through the internet, away from physical classrooms. The sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to the different online and modular education in the Philippines. Previous studies stated that a student’s social media use impacts distance learning. This study focuses on the relationship of a student’s profile, social media use, and perception of knowledge retention and how it affects their distance learning. It utilized Descriptive Correlational research design which aims to describe and find out if there are significant relationships between the variables. The research participants are chosen via quota sampling, which is a method of observing a subset of the population in order to generalize the population being studied. The instrument that the researchers used is a survey questionnaire that was validated by a statistician. The results showed that the variables in the study had low to negligible correlation. It revealed that a student’s social media usage has a low chance of affecting their knowledge retention. It also indicated that the students do not have a positive view of their knowledge perception during distance learning.

First Advisor

Nancy L. Deluta