Motivations and challenges to online education of grade 11 senior high school students of the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Online education.


Numerous studies have been conducted to explore issues in delivering online courses; however, few have synthesized prior studies and provided an overview on the student’s experiences in online education. This study aimed to explore the student's challenges and motivations in online learning at DLSHSI. The chosen sample of population are 222 Grade 11 students of DLSHSI. The study adapted the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) to gather information concerning the challenges and motivations of the students. Results classified the challenges and motivations of e-learning into 7 general categories. The challenges include the time and study environment, effort regulation, and metacognitive self-regulation, the mean of the three categories ranges to 4.44 – 5.29, it means that most of the statements reflects the respondents in a moderate extent. While the motivations are classified into 4 categories namely, intrinsic, and extrinsic goal motivations, self-efficacy for learning and performance which ranges from 4.44 – 5.29, hence, most of the statements reflects the respondents in a moderate extent. While task value ranges from 5.30 – 6.15, meaning the respondents is in accordance with the statements. Understanding these 2 aspects experienced by the students will establish the higher education and provide practical solutions for developing this type of education.

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