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Research Project

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Grade 12


Sleep quality.


A variety of sleeping disorders exist nowadays, with insomnia being the most prevalent of them all. As a result, doctors began recommending potassium and calcium supplements, as well as sleeping pills, to their patients in an attempt to optimize their sleep cycle. Potassium-rich food like bananas is a great alternative and will greatly help in improving the sleeping pattern of an individual. Potassium-rich food like bananas is a great alternative that can greatly improve an individual's sleeping pattern. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship of the presence of Musa Acuminata x balbisiana (Saba Banana) in the diet of DLSMHSISHSSHS students ages 16-18 to their sleeping pattern. A total of 135 people were chosen through convenience sampling to take part in this non-experimental descriptive correlational research. The results were determined using the PSQI questionnaire, which revealed that non- consumers of Saba banana had a higher global PSQI score, implying that their sleep quality was better than those who consumed Saba banana. This leads to the conclusion that including Musa Acuminata x balbisiana (Saba banana) in the diet of DLSMHSI-SHSSHS students had little to no impact on their sleeping patterns.