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Research Project

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Grade 12


Leisure activities, High school students.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries around the world have been under lockdown since March 2020. Being under lockdown can put you under stress and can affect one’s mental health and a simple way to boost one’s mental health and overall emotional well-being is to carve out time for enjoyable things. One good way to cope with such is to indulge in leisure activities. Leisure as an activity involves the activities we participate in for reasons as diverse as relaxation, competitiveness, or creation, and may include pleasure reading, meditation, painting, and sports participation. To the body of knowledge, students, and educators, this study will be beneficial since it focuses on how leisure activities help Grade 12 students in DLSMSHSI cope up with their psychological stress during the COVID-19 lockdown period. This study can spread awareness to the public since it points to the positive effects of leisure activities that can make students handle the negative effects of the lockdown period. To gather the needed information for this quantitative research, Grade 12 DLSMHSI students were chosen through random sampling. Using this method in this research can help the researchers to gather the different leisure activities that Grade 12 students in De la Salle Medical Health Science Institute developed during quarantine. Out of 135 respondents, the Mean Score we obtained were 4.17 (83.33%) which conclude that their Leisure Activities which they have developed during this COVID-19 Pandemic where beneficial to their personality. From the findings that the researchers had drawn, majority of the respondents prefer to stay indoors in having their leisure activities. The researcherstherefore concluded that the leisure activities they have developed during the COVID-19 lockdown were beneficial and significant.