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Research Project

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Grade 12


Diet, Ketogenic, Diet, Vegetarian, Flexitarian diet.


Over the years, individuals have tried a number of diets in an attempt to figure out which one is the best to include into their daily lives, and being overweight or obese is a concern for some people since it may lead to a variety of health issues ranging from minor to severe. Ketogenic diets are used to treat epilepsy and diabetes; on the other hand, the Flexitarian Diet is regarded to be environmentally and budget friendly. As a result, the researchers used a causal-comparative analysis by conducting a pre- and post-test to identify and compare the efficacy of Ketogenic and Flexitarian diets among females ages 20 to 50. After evaluating the computed results, it was concluded that both the Flexitarian and Ketogenic diets may lead to weight loss while also improving their overall physical health. Furthermore, when it comes to weight loss and overall physical health, there are no significant differences between the two diets. Thus, people, especially overweight and obese individuals, who struggle on choosing the type of diet for the improvement of their health may consider either Flexitarian or Ketogenic diet.