Microbiological analyses of escherichia coli (E. coli) on selected street-food sauces sold in Imus, Cavite

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Grade 12


street food, Escherichia coli, detection, E.coli


In this research, different research methods were used: first is the Total Plate Count, it was used to determine the total of the bacteria present in the sample, it was also used to determine the total number of the bacteria present in the samples, it was also used to determine the statistical estimate of the bacteria. The second is the Multiple-Tube Fermentation Technique, this particular method was used to presume the most probable number and confirm the presence of Eschrichia coli (E.coli). The researchers believe that street food sauces may be contaminated with strains Escherichia coli and may bring danger to the health of the consumers if ingested. Sample 1, 4, 5 and 6 gave positive test results being that their MPN were above 3/100mL. Sample 5 had an MPN of >1100/100mL indicating high concentrations of microorganisms. E- coli in the form of gram-negative rods can be observe.

First Advisor

Pauline L. Cueno

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