Relationship between nutritional status and refractive error among students of Dasmarinas II Central School in Dasmarinas City, Cavite, School Year 2013-2014

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Research Project

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Community Medicine


Nutritional Status, Refractive Errors


Using a cross-sectional research design, the relationship between nutritional status and refractive error among 470 enrolled students of Dasmarinas II Central School was determined. Respondents were chosen using random sampling method. Data gathering tools were review of records, observation and interview. 85 (18% of the 470 respondents were classified as malnourished and the rest had normal nutritional status. One hundred respondents (21%) tested positive for the presence of refractive error of the right left or both eyes. In terms of possible confounding variable, 51% indicated that they had family activity while use of computer was the least (41%). Prevalence of refractive eror was 18% among those malnourished respondents and 21% among malnourished students with positive family history. All visual activities also recorded low prevalences for refractive error among malnourished students (watching TV 19%, reading books-19%, playing video games-16%, use of computer-14%. The study concluded that there was no sufficient evidence that an association exists between nutritional status and refractive error. Family history and visual activities also did not have a positive correlation for the development of refractive error among normal and malnourished respondents.

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