The relationship between quality of life and disease severity among chronic kidney disease patients undergoing hemodialysis in De Los Santos Medical Center

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Research Project

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Community Medicine


Quality of Life, Kidney Diseases, Renal Dialysis


A cross-sectional study was employed. The researchers selected CKD patients undergoing hemodialysis for more than three (3) months. Respondents were chosen using simple random sampling. The study utilized patients’ medical records and a 26 item WHOCOL-BREF questionnaire for data collection. Data was analysed using prevalence ratio. A total of 52 patients were selected, 14 were of less disease severity and 38 were of greater disease severity. Upon analysis of data, it was found that quality of life and disease severity had no significant association. Although with a 57.69% of the patients with more severe disease had poor quality of life, pertinent statistical treatment proved that their relationship was otherwise insignificant. Moreover, certain extraneous variables such as age and socioeconomic status were also proven to be of no association among the studied variables.

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