Is there a difference in the levels of satisfaction between the elderly and non-elderly patients of the out-patient department of De La Salle University Medical Center (DLSUMC)

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Research Project

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Community Medicine


Patient Satisfaction, Elderly


Utilizing the cross-sectional approach, the study involved randomly selected 268 respondents from the OPD, as theoretically suggested by the Epi-Info software using 95% confidence interval and an alpha 0.05. The population was stratified to elderly group (60 years old and above) and non-elderly group (18 to 59 years old). A questionnaire was given to each respondent for data collection. The computed p-values of majority of the variables from Epi-Info were greater than 0.05 =, which was interpreted as not significant. This prompted a conclusion rendering that there was insufficient evidence at the 0.05 significance level to reject the claim that there was no difference between the levels of satisfaction between the elderly and non-elderly patients. It was recommended that future studies would make use of a more specific and/or accurate rating method to assess the level of satisfaction among patients.

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