A comparative study on the child health-seeking behaviors of mothers from selected matrifocal and nuclear families in Barangay San Agustin II, Dasmarinas City

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Research Project

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Community Medicine


Children, Health Behavior


The researchers conducted a cross-sectional type of study. One hundred thirty one (131) mothers from nuclear and matrifocal families were selected by stratified random sampling. A structured questionnaire by Tsion A., et al (2014) was adapted by the researchers and data was analysed using frequency, percentage, and chi-square. There was a significant difference between the child health-sseking behaviors of mothers form matrifocal and nuclear families. Mothers from nuclear families have lesser financial capacity but didn't hinder them from seeking medical treatment. Contrastingly, mothers from nuclear families availed free medical treatments more than mothers form matrifocal families. Most of them gave home medications prior to consultation. Also, even if the illness of their children was perceived to be mild, mothers from both groups still sought medical treatment. Finally, all mothers believed that early detection and treatment was very important in the child's health care.

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