Association of coping styles to stress with the quality of life of students of the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute College of Medicine for the Academic Year 2013-2014

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Community Medicine


Stress, Quality of Life, Medical Students


The study aimed to determine if there was an association between having predominantly problem-based coping mechanisms as opposed to having predominantly non-problem based coping mechanisms and the quality of life of medical students from DLSHSI-CM. The study used a cross-sectional research design. One hundred fifty five (155) respondents from first and second year medical students, school year 2013-2014 were included in the study and were selected using stratified random sampling. A survey questionnaire was used as instrument and data was analysed using frequency distribution, Chi-square test, The result showed prevalence of good quality of life among predominantly problem-based copers. Likewise, predominantly non-problem-based coping mechanism was associated with poor quality of life. However, the statistical analysis revealed no significant association between having predominantly problem-base coping mechanism and good quality of life.

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