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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


interprofessional collaboration, interprofessional education, collaborative training


This study aims to determine the perceptions of Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) DLSMHSI interns on their readiness for interprofessional collaboration (IPC) after undergoing interprofessional education (IPE) collaborative training activities. This study used a descriptive qualitative design involving 14 SLP interns from DLSMHSI. Participants were given a survey questionnaire to determine the factors that influence their perceived readiness for IPC based on their experiences in IPE collaborative training activities, experienced barriers and/or limitations that can affect future engagement in IPC, and their collaborative activities, knowledge, communication, experiences, and attitudes in relation to IPE. This research tool was validated by the Batch 2022-2023 IPE instructors of the SLP Department. The data was analyzed using thematic analysis, as well as descriptive statistics. Results of the study revealed that 11 out of the 14 participants perceived themselves as ready to engage in IPC after undergoing IPE collaborative training activities in their IPE course. Apart from the training activities presented in the course, the participants’ experiences during clinical training also influenced their perceptions on their readiness for engaging in IPC.

First Advisor

Niña Luisa O. Salido