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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


on-site classes, perceptions, attitudes


This study aimed to determine the perceptions, specifically, the attitudes, preparations and adjustments made, and encountered issues and challenges of the faculty members of the Speech and Language Pathology Department in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute regarding full on-site classes, and utilized a qualitative phenomenological design. A total of six faculty members participated in one-on-one virtual interviews. Individual and group thematic analyses were conducted, following the framework of Braun and Clarke. It generated 28 final codes categorized under ten themes. The results revealed that the participants showed ambivalent emotions regarding the implementation of full on-site classes as they perceived its advantages on teaching and learning, but also raised certain issues and concerns such as health and safety, technical issues, class suspensions, housing accommodations for students, and limited number of classrooms. The results of the study may be useful in the preparation for full on-site classes by addressing issues and concerns mentioned by the faculty members, and providing adequate support from administrators of the institution prior to the full implementation of on-site classes Additionally, policymakers may consider the results when formulating guidelines and policies regarding the eventual full on-site classes.

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Kerwyn Jim C. Chan