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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


decision making, cochlear implantation, hearing impairment


A systematic review was used in this study. The journals that were obtained from EBSCO Research Database with its sub-databases have undergone an intricated screening and review by the researchers. There were eight (8) journals that qualified in the given criteria for synthesis. These journals have undergone critical appraisal and were externally validated. Levels of agreement between the researchers and the external validator were computed by the researchers to establish reliability in appraisal with the use of Cohen's kappa. Various factors were determined by analyzing and summarizing the collated studies through a thematic synthesis. Themes then became definitive of the factors considered by parents. Five (5) main themes were categorized into: (1) the community may either motivate or discourage parents in choosing cochlear implant for their children, (2) reliable sources of information support more realistic decision in availing cochlear implant. (3) various personal concerns of the parents impede their decision-making to avail cochlear implant, (4) parents; desires for their children in availing cochlear implantation that contribute to their decision-making, and (5) preconceived notions of parents on sign language and oral communication affect their decision to avail cochlear implantation for their children. To conclude, in all the journals that were included in the study, parents' sources of information were revealed to be the most common factor that affected their decision-making process in availing cochlear implantation or not for their children.

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Kerwyn Jim C. Chan