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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


licensure examination, learning needs


This study aimed to determine the subjective learning needs of DLSMHSI SLP alumni Batch 2019-2022 in preparation for the first SLP Licensure Examination by utilizing a qualitative descriptive theory. One-on-one interviews were conducted via MS Teams to gather relevant information from six participants who will take the upcoming first speech and language pathology licensure examination on the 13th and 14th of November, 2023. The researchers utilized open-ended questions about personal, family & relationships, and school factors. Two external SLP experts validated the interview questionnaire; a health educator and a graduate of the Distance Education Program (thesis track) at UP Open University Faculty of Education.

The obtained data were analyzed using thematic analysis and the findings revealed that particular learning needs emerged from the factors determined the study. The themes generated for personal factors are as follows: (1) Time and Priority; (2) Review and Tests;(3) Behavior; and (4) SLP Areas. Moreover, in family and relationship factors (1) Companionship; (2) Familial Relationship; (3) Professional Relationship; (4) Casual Relationship; (5) Faith Connection; and, (6) Community Relationship are the themes that were generated. In addition, the themes that were generated for school factors are: (1) Review; (2) Expectations; (3) Review Materials; and, (4) Teaching Modality. In addition, factors that emerged that are not part of the inclusion are noted as other needs. In conclusion, first SLP Licensure Examinees' subjective learning needs require collaborative efforts from various stakeholders, including the examinees’ themselves.

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Indiana Michelle C. Esmeralda