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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology




The purpose of this study is to describe the work profile of DLSMHSI SLP Graduates, as well determine the influential factors they considered in their employment decision. The aim is to determine the factors influencing the employment decisions of the DLSMHSI SLP Graduates from batches 2019-2022 along with their work profile, such as their work setting, practice location, and employment status. This study is limited to these graduates and did not include those who are currently the research panelists and validators. Additionally, this research adapted a survey research design, and received 19 participants as respondents. The survey tool was generated in reference to the 2019 PASP Filipino SLP Survey, as well other related literature in order to determine which among these studies reflected the factors that most of their participants considered in their employment decisions. This survey tool was designed in order to gather quantitative and qualitative data, which was analyzed by descriptive statistics and conducting a thematic analysis. The collected data revealed that Private Clinics was the leading work setting among the graduates who participated, while Region 4-A (CALABARZON) was the leading practice location. Income, Work Environment, and Career Development were the leading influential considerations for Work Setting. As for Practice Location, the leading factors were Environment, Income, and Work Environment. Due to the limited sample of the participants it should be noted that these results may not reflect for the entirety of the DLSMHSI SLP graduates of batches 2019-2022.

First Advisor

Indiana Michelle C. Esmeralda