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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology




The objective of this study is to construct and conduct an initial validation on a self-efficacy tool catered to DLSMHSI Interns. The study was conducted at the Department of Speech and Language Pathology, College of Rehabilitation Sciences, De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. Participants who validated the self-efficacy scale are the following: SLP clinical chair, 2 clinical supervisors, DLSMHSI BSSLP Batch 2023 Interns. The self-efficacy scale was constructed by selecting items from existing self-efficacy scales which were then categorized accordingly. After conducting the initial content validation, the researchers have developed a self-efficacy tool that consists of a total of 58 items with 3 main themes and 6 sub themes under the third main theme. Content Validity for Items (I-CVI) and Content Validity for Scales (S-CVI), with 1.00 and 0.90 as the acceptable values respectively, were the measures that were used to determine the relevance of the items. The entire scale yielded an S-CVI score of 0.98. All 3 themes and subthemes in the scale yielded an I-CVI score of 1.00. As a result of this study, 58 items comprise the revised self-efficacy scale. The entire scale, including the items, themes and subthemes are all content valid. However, the tool cannot be administered because it still needs to undergo further evaluation such as reliability testing, validity testing, and other aspects of content validity testing (comprehensibility and comprehensiveness).

First Advisor

Niña Luisa O. Salido