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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Referral and Consultation


A qualitative study design was followed using a semi-structured interview done with four (4) caregivers from DLSMHSI CRS Adolescent-Adult Specialty Speech Clinic. The respondents were selected using convenience sampling. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. The interview results revealed that there were five (5) main themes common among the participants namely waiting time, availability of parties involved, financial considerations, source of referral, and awareness of the relationship between the diagnosis and the services needed. It was evident in the narratives that the awareness and knowledge of the caregivers regarding the condition and professionals who can help their family members significantly affected the length of the process. The availability of speech and language pathology (SLP) services also became a deciding factor as to whether the patient would continue to avail. In conclusion, effort was required from the patient to expedite the process of being accommodated even if the acquisition of services was easy. The SLP profession should be advocated for to raise public awareness and highlight the importance of timely intervention. Results may be used as a reference on how the open referral system is being enacted in the Philippines for improvements in service delivery.

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Kerwyn Jim C. Chan