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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Online Education, College Students, Faculty, Teaching Methods, Speech-Language Pathology


The study used qualitative phenomenological design. Participants were selected using purposive sampling based on their knowledge and experience in the implementation of emergency remote teaching (ERT). One (1) group of faculty members from the BSSLP program of DLSMHSI consisting of three (3) participants was formed. A semi-structured guide for the focus group discussion was developed. With the sudden shift to ERT, there were multiple facilitators and barriers that were identified and discussed. The facilitators identified were faculty collaboration, leadership, past blended online learning program and the positive aspects of the shift. The barriers discussed were the toll on mental health, work-life balance, limited experience on online teaching and learning, new and different technological requirements for ERT, changes in pedagogy and mode of leaching and limited student- teacher communication. The study concluded that the implementation of ERT in the Philippines faced several challenges that calls for the need to set proper guidelines and necessary accommodations through government and institutional support to be able to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

First Advisor

Kerwyn Jim C. Chan