Date of Completion


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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Dysphagia, Deglutition Disorders


Phenomenological qualitative research design was used in the study. The 24 speech and language faculty members of DLSMHSI were selected as the participants using purposive sampling. The responses were gathered through a qualitative interview from which the questions were validated by an expert in dysphagia. Thematic analysis was used for data analysis. Results showed that the external factors that affected the decision of speech and language pathologist regarding the management of patients with dysphagia were: (1) impact of education in dysphagia management; (2) referral system; (3) interprofessional practice in dysphagia management; (4) impact and availability of instruments; (5) impact of environment and; (6) safety of face to face service delivery.

First Advisor

Indiana Michelle C. Esmeralda