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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Faculty, Online Education, COVID-19


A qualitative-phenomenological research design was used. Participants were eight (8) faculty members who had experience in conducting in-person assessment and/or intervention sessions beginning the implementation of COVID-19 protocols in March 2020 up to the time of the study. They were selected using purposive sampling. Data was collected through a survey questionnaire created using Google Forms. Using Braun and Clarke’s thematic analysis (2006), four (4) themes emerged: (1) the preparation of the clinicians for in-person session, (2) the practice that they implemented during in-person sessions, (3) the challenges that they experienced, (4) and their adaptability in delivering services amidst the pandemic. The study revealed how the clinicians complied with the mandatory guidelines of organizations such as the PASP (Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists, DOH (Department of Health), WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and IATF (Interagency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases) as evidenced by the variety of practices that they conducted, which contributed to the safe delivery of in-person during the pandemic.

First Advisor

Indiana Michelle C. Esmeralda