The effectiveness of video self-modeling in teaching social communication skills to children in the early to middle childhood stage with autism spectrum disorder : a systematic review

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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Instructional Film and Video, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Communication Disorders, Child


The research involved a systematic review to examine the current available evidence to determine the efficacy of video self-modeling to promote changes in any selected social communication skill of a child with autism in the early to middle childhood stage. Ten (10) journals with single subject multiple baseline designs were included, considering video self-modeling as the independent variable and social communication skills as the dependent variable with the implementation including baseline, intervention and maintenance phases. Results showed that nine (9) out of 10 journals yielded changes from baseline, intervention and maintenance phases regardless of the implementation of the intervention at home, school, therapy center or playground setting, while one (1) journal showed no difference in the actual skill after intervention. Changes in the skills of the individuals implied considerations to maximize the efficiency of the intervention and cause positive outcomes.

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Rosa Nica A. Macasero

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