Signs and symptoms of voice disorders among speech and language pathology professors in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute

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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Voice Disorders, Faculty


The research utilized a descriptive quantitative design. Seven (7) out of 12 speech and language pathology (SLP) instructors in DLSMHSI agreed to participate in the study. They were selected through convenience sampling technique. The researchers used a printed checklist. The checklist in a hard copy form was given to the professors after answering the consent form. The content of the checklist includes the different signs and symptoms of voice disorder. Frequency count (n) was the statistical analysis technique used. The study concluded that the signs of voice disorders among SLP instructors were vocal fatigue, strained voice, difficulty projecting the voice, increased physical effort, hoarseness, monotone, aphonia, shaky voice and breathiness for voice while the symptoms identified were sore throat, breathlessness and frequent throat clearing for physical discomfort. The most frequent signs and symptoms of voice disorder that SLP instructors experienced were vocal fatigue, strained voice and sore throat.

First Advisor

Aileen P. Atienza

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