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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Clinical Clerkship, Technology, Radiologic, College Students


This study was conducted to determine the perceived level of preparedness for clinical practice among DLSMHSI radiologic technology batch 2021 graduates. This study used a quantitative research design. Data were gathered using a self-made questionnaire based on the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology Education (BSRT) CHED Memorandum Order No. 07 Series of 2018 performance indicators, specifically sections regarding technical skills and knowledge, radiation protection, and patient care. The data gathered was statistically treated using frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. DLSMHSI radiologic technology batch 2021 graduates is the only batch to have undergone a full year of online internship. This online learning modality meant that useful devices and a stable internet connection were needed to properly prepare for virtual internship and learning. The findings of the study show that most of the respondents from batch 2021 are female. In terms of their tools for online learning, all of them use multiple gadgets and hand-held devices (iPad/tablets/mobile phones) with laptops being the most widely used type of gadget. The most common internet connection speed during the virtual internship is 16-20 Mbps. This study showed that they perceived themselves as highly prepared in implementing radiation protection and delivering patient care. The respondents are only considered well-prepared in terms of performing radiologic procedures and proper work attitude.

First Advisor

Ma. Lovella M. Monderin-Aure