A correlation between level of stress during internship training program and internship performance S.Y. 2001-2002

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Stress, Psychological, Internship and Residency


This study used the descriptive method. The population included the 22 interns of College of Medical Radiation Technology of De La Salle University-Health Sciences Campus School Year 2001-2002 selected through purposive sampling technique. Data was obtained using a questionnaire checklist adopted and modified from the research of Casela, et al. and from the students’ academic records. Frequency distribution, percentage, mean, t-test of uncorrelated means and Pearson product-moment correlation were the statistical techniques applied. The study concluded that, 1) The level of stress experienced by male and female respondents had no significant difference; 2) The internship performance of the respondents had no significant difference in terms of internship grades; 3) The stress experienced by the respondents had very little effect on their internship performance.

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