Epidemiological factors affecting the incidence of thyroid cancer at the Philippine General Hospital year 1999

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Thyroid Neoplasms, Epidemiology, Hospitals


This study utilized the descriptive method using documentary analysis. Data on 300 patients examined with thyroid cancer in University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital was analyzed using frequency and percentage to determine the occurrence in terms of age, gender, occupation, family history, environment. The study also determined the prevalent types of cancer and the patient groups. The study concluded that, 1) The incidence of thyroid cancer had the highest frequency in the age group 19-37 years old. It affected females more than males and unemployed patients more than employed patients. Patients with no history of cancer in the family and patients who lived in the city or urban areas showed a greater frequency of having thyroid cancer; 2) Papillary cancer was the type of thyroid cancer that had the highest incidence among the four types of thyroid cancer. It was observed to affect females, aged 19-37 years old, unemployed, with no history of cancer in the family, and lived in urban areas; 3) Among the risk factors, age had the greatest possibility of association among patients, signifying that thyroid cancer is dependent on age. The other factors namely, gender, occupation, family history and environment, had less chi-square values than their respective critical values and thus, thyroid cancer is independent of these factors.

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