Experiences of breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Breast Cancer, Radiotherapy


This study utilized a qualitative research design to explore the experiences of breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. The researchers used face to face interview for each participant of the study and non-verbal cues to reveal the experiences of the participants. The data analysis of the study was obtained based on Collaizi's phenomenal approach. Based on the results, the participants experienced fear before their first radiotherapy session because of various reasons like the machine, the side effects, the hearsays from different people they talk to and the procedure itself. Providing relevant information about radiotherapy, the healthcare professionals were able to lessen the fear experienced by the patients making them more compliant to their treatment. Initially, the patients did not experience any side effects from radiotherapy. Thereafter, it was revealed that their experiences from chemotherapy sessions masked their experiences in their radiotherapy sessions. The side effects experienced by the participants were sunburned skin, itching of the part exposed to radiation, reddening or darkening of the skin and fatigue. In order to relieve themselves from the side effects, they use different remedies such as applying aloe vera creams or lotion, washing the part with a solution prescribed by doctor and avoiding scratching the exposed part from radiation. Because of the side effects, the participants' lifestyle changed. They now eat more healthier food which are necessary to keep their body strong and immune from the diseases. Support system plays a big role in the determination of the participant to go on with their treatment. They see their families as an inspiration to continue with the treatment. They also want to help themselves and to get cured from their illness. The participants were able to accept their situation and see cancer as challenge. They believe that a problem will not be given to them if they are not able to overcome it. With those in mind, they were positive in their life and fight more for their life. The spiritual aspects of the participants show their intimate relationship with God as well as His impact to the participants. The participants believe that their disease brought them close to God as well their belief that God will heal them from their disease. The participants are able to find financial assistance in different forms such as government charities e.g. PCSO and Philhealth, government officials and donations from concerned people.

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