The experiences of radiologic technologists in handling mentally challenged persons during x-ray procedures.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


X-rays, Patient Safety


Qualitative research design was utilized in this study. The participants were licensed radiologic technologists who have handled mentally persons regardless of the number of times. The participants were chosen through expert sampling in which the participants demonstrate their experience and expertise. The researchers had a face-to-face interview with each participant in order to express their experiences that answered the grand tour question, “What are your experiences in handling mentally challenged persons during x-ray procedures?.” Audio recording of the interview was used to transcribe and generate significant statements of each participant. Creswell’s approach was used for the qualitative research for data analysis to interpret the data gathered. Based on the results, 1) it opens the floors of conversation into a path of sadness and awkwardness; 2) knowing what is really the condition of the patient, some of the participants already made their judgments about the patients even though they themselves did not go through that situation yet; 3) the unpredictability of the patients' behavior is the reason that the procedure is sometimes intimidating for the participants because they are not familiar with the different sides of mentally challenged individuals; 4) the participants saw hardship and sadness through the patients' and their family's eyes; 5) human spirit is about having hope that with every bad day that they encounter, a person still clings on the notion that tomorrow will be a better day as long as they are with the ones they love and that they will support each other until the end.

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