An assessment of critical thinking skills among Radiologic Technology students of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Critical Thinking, College Students


The study was conducted to assess the critical thinking skills of the students of the College of Medical Radiation Technology with the demographic variables such as age, gender and year level. Using a descriptive survey method of research design. Out of 657 students, 390 participated in the study by answering an 87-item multiple choice questionnaire. The answer sheets were encoded and subjected to statistical treatment. Statistical measures used in the study were percentage. frequency distribution, mean, standard deviation, t-test for independent means, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Duncan's multiple range test (DMRT). Results showed that the highest population of respondents came from the third year students, majority of the respondents were female, and were aged 18 to 19. The respondents were categorized as Beginning Thinkers in terms of their critical thinking skills. When grouped according to age and gender, the differences in the critical thinking skills of the respondents were not significant. However, there was a significant difference when the respondents were grouped according to year level. The score of the second year and third year students were significantly different from the scores of the fourth year students.

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