Patient care management in the application of radiotherapy procedures in selected hospitals in Metro Manila

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Patient Care, Radiotherapy


The descriptive method was used in the study. Respondents were 81 patients who underwent radiotherapy procedures. Respondents were chosen using purposive sampling. A modified adapted questionnaire was used as the main tool to gather data based on the problem presented. The statistical treatments used were frequency, mean, standard deviation, percentage and t-test. From the findings, the following conclusions were drawn: (1) Most of the respondents were on the bracket of 41 years old and above while the least respondents were on the group of 20 years old and below; (2) Most of the respondents interviewed were females; (3) Most of the patients interviewed ranked care management as outstanding and strongly agreed that the radiation technologists did their responsibilities in providing proper management radiotherapy procedure; (4) The respondents had the same evaluation in terms of patient communication regardless of age and gender; (5) The respondents had the same evaluation in terms of positioning regardless of age and gender.

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