The risk factors associated with breast cancer among patients of De La Salle University Medical Center: a case analysis

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Breast Neoplasms


Descriptive qualitative method of research was employed in this study. Using purposive sampling, the case analysis involved the 31 breast cancer patients of De La Salle University Medical Center in 2003. A self-made tally table was used as the instrument to record the number of patients that corresponds to a variable. Frequency, percentage and rank were used to analyze data and answer the specific questions. Based on the findings, the following conclusions were drawn: (1) Majority of the subjects had their breast cancer at the age of 45-64, had no family history, had their menarche at the age of 13-14, have not reached their menopausal stage, had no alcohol intake, non-smoker, married and unemployed. Among the risk factors associated with breast cancer, stress has the most number of cases, followed by age of occurrence; (2) Most of the patients have been found to have only two (2) risk factors and only one (1) patient had none; (3) The subjects of this case analysis were not large enough to be conclusive.

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