Stress management technique of radiologic technology interns of De La Salle Health Sciences Campus

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Occupational Stress, Radiologic Technologists


The descriptive research design was used in this study to determine the stress management technique of the radiologic technology interns. Using purposive sampling, a total of 48 radiologic technology interns were chosen as respondents. A questionnaire-checklist adopted from the study of Guinto, et. al (2001), entitled “The Study of Relationship between Stress Management and Academic Performances of Nursing Students in De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus S.Y 2000-2001” was the data gathering instrument used. In analyzing the data generated from the survey, the analysis of variance, frequency, percentage, mean. Standard deviation, F-test and T-test were employed. The following conclusions were drawn: (1) Majority of the radiologic technology interns of De La Salle Health Science Campus were male, senior intern, and travels from out of town; (2) Most of the respondents often used physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social stress management techniques when they face a stressful situation during training; (3) The stress management techniques used by the radiologic technology interns had no significant difference when they were grouped according to area of residence and socio-economic status except for the gender, which was identified having a significant difference in managing stress.

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