Teacher-student relationship as perceived by selected radiologic technology students of De La Salle - Health Sciences Campus during school year 2005 - 2006

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Teachers, Students, Interpersonal Relations


The descriptive method of research was used. A total of 205 RT students from first year to fourth year were selected as respondents using stratified random sampling. The researchers adopted an questionnaire from Alvarez et al. (2001) as the tool to collect data. statistical treatments utilized were mean, standard deviation, ANOVA and t-test of unrelated samples. Based on the careful analysis of the gathered data, the researchers arrived at the following conclusions: (1) The respondents were almost equally distributed in terms of gender and year level; (2) The level of perception of the respondents on teacher-student relationship in terms of academic aspect was moderately favorable and while the non-academic aspect was perceived as fairly favorable. The overall level of perception of radiologic technology students on teacher-student was moderately favorable. Therefore, most of the students have a pleasant relationship with their teachers during class but is lessened when class is over; (3) Gender is not associated with the evaluation of the respondents on teacher-student relationship in both academic and non-academic aspects while year level was found to be associated with both aspects.

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