The learning styles of radiologic technology interns in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute during clinical education, A.Y. 2017-2018

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Learning, Radiologic Technologists, Internship Programs


The study used a descriptive research method with a population of 147 radiologic technology inters of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. A two-part questionnaire was used in the study: the first part consists the demographic variable of the respondents, and the second part was an adopted questionnaire, the Kolb's Learning Style Inventory which was used to determine the learning styles of the respondents in experiential aspects during clinical education. The data gathered were subjected to statistical treatments such as frequency, percentage and Chi-square. The study concluded that, 1) there are more female respondents than male respondents in the study. Most of them are living in a nuclear family and are first-born and last in the family; 2) majority of the radiologic technologic interns have a diverging learning style during clinical education. It is the combination of concrete experience and reflective observation learning modes. They are able to look at things from different perspectives and they prefer working in groups to gather information, listening with an open mind, and receiving personalized feedback; 3) the learning style of the respondents did not significantly vary in terms of their gender, family structure, and ordinal position in the family.

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