Awareness and compliance of undergraduate students on waste segregation requirement of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Waste Management


Demographic variables, such as year level, gender and program were explored to determine its influence in the major variables of the study. Using the descriptive non-experimental method, data was gathered using a self-made questionnaire. There were 1179 students participated in the study using purposive sampling technique. Data was statistically treated using the following tools: frequency, percentage, standard deviation, independent t-test, chi square computed and point-biserial correlation. The results of the study revealed that most of the respondents are first year, mostly taking BS Radiologic Technology. There were more female respondents than male in the study. The respondents have very high level of awareness on waste segregation requirement in DLSHSI. Almost all of the respondents are complying with waste segregation requirements of DLSHSI. While year level of respondents did not affect level of awareness on waste management requirements, gender and program of respondent have shown some level of influence to the level of awareness wherein males have better awareness than female respondents. There was pronounced difference in the compliance of the respondents when they are grouped according to year level wherein first year and second year have better compliance than third year respondents while there was no noticeable difference in the respondents when they are grouped according to gender and programs. There was no significant relationship between the level of awareness and compliance of the respondents on the waste segregation requirement in DLSHSI. The data reveals that the most popular reason for respondents to segregate waste was being aware about the importance and preservation of the environment, on the other hand, the primary reason for respondents not to segregate waste was not having a habit on segregating.

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