Problems encountered in 2016 and 2017 licensure examination among radiologic technology graduates of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Licensure, Radiologic Technology


The researchers used a descriptive method in determining the problems encountered in the 2016 to 2017 licensure examination by the respondents. Out of 328 graduates from batch 2016 to 2017 who took the licensure examination, 73 were able to take part in the study. A self-made questionnaire was used to determine the problems encountered regarding the licensure examination. Frequency, percentage and Chi-square were the statistical tools used in the study. The study concluded that, 1) most of the respondents are female. The most number of respondents have a monthly family income of Php40,001-Php99,999; 2) the problems encountered by the respondents included: application related documents such as, birth certificate, transcript of record, and good moral character (citizenship, location and delay in the release). In terms of licensure examination review, time management, pressure, and stress are the problems encountered. In terms of the environment, ventilation, location of the examination area, noise and lighting are the problems encountered. In terms of the five clusters, the most number of respondents encountered problems in the following subjects: Radiologic Physics, Photochemistry and Darkroom Procedures, Radiographic Positioning and Nuclear Medicine; 3) the problems encountered by the graduates in the licensure examination in terms of application process, licensure examination review, the environment and the five clusters do not significantly differ in terms of gender and monthly family income.

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