Performance of radiologic technology students in the allied medical courses admission test

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


College Admisstion Test, Radiologic Technology Students


The study used the descriptive method research. The data has been acquired through analyzing the student AMCAT records coming from the Registrar’s Office. The population of this study is composed of 437 students. The data gathered was treated using the following statistical measures: percentage, frequency distribution, mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, t-test for independent samples and analysis of variance (ANOVA). Based from the findings of the study, the following conclusions were drawn: 1) majority of the AMCAT examinees are AMCAT test takers from the school year 2011-2012, female, and from secondary private schools; 2) the AMCAT examinees have an overall high average performance in AMCAT. Specially, the AMCAT examinees have an average performance in verbal, numerical, and inductive reasoning while they have a high average performance in science; 3) the performance of the examinees reveals that there is a significant difference in the areas of AMCAT. The highest mean score is noted in science and lowest mean score is noted in numerical; 4) the AMCAT performance of examinees differs when they are grouped according to gender. Male examinees have a higher performance compared to female examinees; 5) AMCAT examinees from both private and public secondary schools have the same AMCAT performance; 6) AMCAT performance differed significantly when the AMCAT examinees are grouped according to year of examination. Specially, significant differences are noted between academic year 2008 to 2009, 2009 to 2010 and 2011 to 2012.

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