Lived experiences of radiologic technology interns in handling pediatric clients

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Pediatric Care, Radiologic Technologiss, Internship Programs


The participants of this study were eight (8) RT interns who were assigned in different hospitals and they were chosen through purposive sampling technique. Phenomenology was used in this study to vividly describe the lived experiences of the participants. The handling of pediatric clients was the phenomenon and the RT interns were the ones who described their experiences. The researchers used an in-depth interview for each participant of the study and observation of non-verbal cues to reveal the lived experiences of the participants. Based on the participants' verbatim narration of their experiences, the researchers were able to formulate meanings and draw on the four (4) themes and two (2) sub themes from the clustered significant statements. These themes are as follows: The first theme “RT interns’ Social Environment" focuses on the experiences of the RT interns in dealing with different situations while handling pediatric clients. It includes the fearful clients, unpleasant experiences and their pleasant experiences with the pediatric clients. The second theme Strategies used by RT interns highlights the strategies utilized by the participants as well as the different approaches to earn the pediatric client's trust and confidence and their efforts to accomplish their duties. The third theme entitled "Government vis-a-vis private hospital" explains the degree of control the RT interns in both private and government hospitals. The fourth theme "From junior to senior internship" expounds the progress and development of the RT interns as they move from junior to senior internship. Their experiences reflect their appreciation for a gradual progress in terms of the complexity of their work as well as their ability to handle pediatric clients.

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