The lived experiences of radiologic technologists assigned in night shift

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Shift Work Schedule, Radiologic Technologists


Phenomenology was used to conduct this study. The participants were chosen through purposive sampling technique. Face-to-face unstructured interview was done with each participant. The study concluded that knowing that hospitals operate 24 hours day, healthcare professionals assigned in night shift like the radiologic technologists in the X-ray section have to battle the urge to sleep in order to serve patients in need of medical attention. Due to the different settings at night, the radiologic technologists experience a great level of fatigue. They are given other tasks that cannot be done in morning and they encounter patients who are often harder to handle such as those who are victims of vehicular accidents, alcohol-induced fights and gunshot wounds. Despite having a tendency to becoming irritable and having health risks, they still need to maintain their patience and professionalism. It was also evident that some of the radiologic technologists working at night would experience effects on their emotional health due to the fear of being alone at their workplace at night. But as what the participants have said, the feeling of being scared does not really last for a long time since they become used to it. They learned to eliminate those distractions for them to do their job accordingly. Not being able to spend time with family during the day cannot be avoided but they have to endure this since they are in the medical field. They just have to manage their time effectively so that they can comply with all of their responsibilities at home and at work.

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