Level of anxiety of pregnant patients undergoing ultrasound procedures in De La Salle University Medical Center

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Anxiety, Pregnant Women, Prenatal Ultrasonography


Demographic variable includes age, age of gestation, civil status. The study used the descriptive method in employing the survey technique. The researchers used an adopted questionnaire from Beck Anxiety Inventory. Using quota sampling technique, 135 respondents included in the study. The gathered data was interpreted using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, median, t-test and f-test. Based on the results, (1) most of the respondents are 27 to 33 years old, married, attained tertiary level of education, earn a monthly family income of Php 10,000 and below and have undergone a transabdominal scan during their third trimester of pregnancy; (2) in general, all patients experienced a mild level of anxiety before undergoing ultra sound scan procedures as indicated by their overall mean; (3) there are no significant differences in the level of anxiety when the patients were grouped according to age (p= 0.570), age of gestation (p=0.095), civil status (p=0.144), educational attainment (p=0.320), monthly family income (p=0.420) and type of examination (p=0.362) at 0.05 confidence level.

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