Profile of persons with disability and senior citizens in selected barangays in Dasmarinas City, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Disabled Persons, Aged


This is a descriptive study using convenience sampling. Three (3) specific standardized questionnaires for each respondent were used in the study to describe the profile of persons with disability. Ten (10) barangays were selected in the study. Frequency and percentage were used to analyze the data. The results showed that the most common type of disability among the 10 barangays was orthopedic which accounts for 26.69% of the total frequency of the nature of disability and the most common possible cause was "inborn" which comprises 43.44% of the PWDs. Majority of the PWDs (90.98%) did not receive any form of rehabilitation whether institution-based or community-based. For the senior citizens, most of them (35.49%) belong to the 60-64 age group and 89.61% of their total population were classified under “nakakakilos" (physically active) in terms of mobility status. The most common identified condition was high blood pressure which accounts for 32.97% of the total frequency of the conditions identified among senior citizens and the leading suspected condition was osteoporosis which was 29.17% of the total frequency of the suspected conditions.

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