Effects of Moodle platform as a teaching-learning tool in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute College of Rehabilitation Sciences Physical Therapy Department in the AY 2015-2016

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


E-Learning, Computer-assisted instruction


This is a descriptive and quantitative type of research. The participants consisted of 192 third and fourth year physical therapy students and the physical therapy faculty. Total population sampling technique was used for the student respondents while purposive sampling for faculty respondents. Slovin’s formula was used to calculate the sample size of the student considering that there is 85% of confidence level and 5% of marginal error. Two (2) researcher-made survey questionnaires were administered which asked the respondents' socio demographic data and the effects of the Moodle as a teaching-learning tool. Data collected was gathered, tallied and analyzed using frequency tables, percentage and mean. Overall, the students and faculty respondents believe that Moodle’s aspect as to accessibility, adaptability, self-efficacy, time management and communication via uploaded supplementary handouts, easy access through any electronic device anywhere, ease of use due to user-friendly design and discussion features that allows unity in class and organized tasks. Communicating to students and peers whenever they are absent for updates and information possesses an effect and helpful in enhancing the faculty’s teaching and the students’ learning performances.

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