Domain of functional affectation and profile of children with special needs in the 2nd and 3rd district of Cavite (research locale set F)

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Disabled Children, Affective Symptoms


Descriptive-survey design was used in this research. The total summation of CWD included in the research was 113 CWD in Bacoor and 96 CWD in Imus. The research instrument used is survey questionnaires. Data was analyzed using frequency table, percentage, and mean. The top three (3) domains of functional affectation in Bacoor were speech, language and communication domain, self-help/adaptive domain and cognitive/perceptual domain. In Imus, the top three (3) were speech, language and communication domain, cognitive/perceptual domain and self-help/adaptive domain. The most prevalent age group of CSN in Bacoor and Imus was 12-18 years old. There were more male CSN than females. Barangay Habay I presented with the largest population of CSN in Bacoor while Bucandala 3 in Imus. In both Bacoor and Imus, financial constraint was the most common reason of not receiving, seeking and sustaining educational, medical and rehabilitative services. However, most of the CWD received non-monetary support which primarily provided by their parents.

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